Client Satisfaction Survey

Fill out this form if you would like to provide feedback to our team following our services

1. Your name and/or your pet’s name (optional): 2. How did you hear about us? 3. During your initial phone call/email, was the staff member helpful? 4. Did you find our appointment availability accommodating? 5. Did you find the veterinary team who came to your home professional as well as compassionate? 6. Was the visit for an assessment or euthanasia?
Assessment Euthanasia

7. If it was a euthanasia appointment, did you find the literature and memorial items left behind beneficial? 8. Did you appreciate the follow-up support after the appointment? 9. Do you think the fees were reasonable? 10. What did you most like about the service provided by our team? 11. What would you suggest we change to improve our service? 12. Would you call us again for another pet or refer us to a friend or family member?  13. If you would like, please share your comments on our Facebook page.


Thank you very much for taking the time to complete this survey.
Your input is very valuable and much appreciated.

~The Claire Place Veterinary Hospice Team~